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Placements & Internships in Greece

Internship programmes combine academic studies, volunteer services, cultural immersions and adventure activities to give students a deeper, more meaningful study abroad experience. Taking part in our internship/ placements programmes is a great way to travel, learn more and be educated on environmental studies and still make a contribution to the global efforts for the protection of the environment. The placement/ internships programmes are very similar to the volunteer Gap Year programmes, but the intern programmes are usually for undergraduate or postgraduate university students taking it for school credit or thesis study or even someone looking for an internship to put on her/his resume. The internship programmes have more of an educating/ skill advancing focus comparing to volunteer Gap Year programmes. The intern abroad programmes will usually involve rating the performance of the interns, working with the universities directly, participating in the management of Protected Areas and conducting supervised or unsupervised field research. Whether you want to get experience with Protected Areas (PAs) Management, Biodiversity Monitoring, Environmental public Awareness, Ecotourism or Marine Science, taking part in one of our internship programmes is a challenging learning experience that will not only help you to gain practical experience and improve your education and skills but also will assist you to increase your experiences relevant to your career and to stand out to future employee. It is a great opportunity for those seeking academic credit and gain new skills in Environmental studies or individuals who seek to set specific learning objectives with a supervisor for their Environmental career development. We will work closely to place interns with a project and supervisor to fit these goals. The internship and individual volunteer programme include practical experience in the management of PAs, field research, office work, scientific article writing, university lectures etc. Our Internship programmes consist of groups of international students living and working together. All logistics, such as housing, food, travel arrangements, studying and working environment are taken care of already through the chosen programme. Take a look at your options within our intern programmes. Don’t know which is the right one for you? Feel free to ask us for the possibilities.

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